Brief biography


Horst Kettenbach


Horst Kettenbach has been active in the leg and bodywear business for over 40 years, always committed to high quality standards. After his career with Falke, a market leader and sophisticated German sock manufacturer, he founded his own company, Kettenbach GmbH, to fully pursue his passion. With this company, Horst achieved sales in the high double-digit million range and provided jobs for around 100 employees.


In 2014 Horst Kettenbach brought his management of Kettenbach GmbH to an end after his company became a member of a large group only a few years prior. A short while later, however, the early retiree did not feel like retiring at all and, instead, founded prime bodywear GmbH in 2015, to start the game all over again.

Executive Director

Michael Kettenbach


Owing to his father’s company, Michael Kettenbach grew up in the leg and bodywear business from an early age. To him, an accurate fit, high-quality materials and perfect seams are not a matter of „nice to know“ but qualities that have become second nature to him. That is why Michael decided to take a different road and train in the areas of technical communication, e-commerce and design. With these skills  acquired he not only supplemented those of his father but also, eventually, moved up to the position of managing director. With a new vision as regards design, sales and basic structures in production and administration Michael Kettenbach paves the way for the next generation.